Proffesional Coffee Services

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Our professional entities/ clients model caters specifically to hotels, bars, and caterers. We offer a unique proposition – a free lease of our high-quality coffee machines. This allows businesses to enhance their service offerings without the initial capital investment. Alongside the lease, we provide premium coffee products tailored to the needs of hospitality and catering establishments. Additionally, after experiencing the benefits of our machines, businesses have the option to purchase them outright. This flexible approach ensures that our clients can elevate their beverage services while enjoying the convenience of acquiring top-notch coffee equipment.

Proffesional Coffee Services

From our standardization of the output to control of the coffee pieces to motivation of the outputs we use eco-friendly products placed in machines that are made in Italy. 

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We are the leader in Kenya in bringing you the best Italian Espresso Coffee Services which include Coffee Beans, Pods and Compatible Capsules.