Caffe Borbone

A taste of history

Born in Naples in 1997 as a mark of Aromatika Srl company, Caffè Borbone brings in your home the quality, dedication and passion of the inimitable Neapolitan espresso and is considered today one of the national coffee market leaders.

The Neapolitan brand, following the trend of the coffee market, announces and puts on the market 4 exclusive capsules, compatible with the most popular coffee machines. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials, to the unique roasting and using the latest technologies.

Single Portion Coffee

You don't have to be a proffesional to use our coffee machine.

Caffe Borbone has mastered the art of maintaining consistent quality and taste across its coffee blends sourced from various regions. Their commitment to excellence lies in a meticulous selection process and a dedication to preserving their signature flavor profile.

One of the key elements ensuring uniformity is their rigorous selection of high-quality beans from different regions. These beans undergo a stringent evaluation to meet Borbone's specific standards. They prioritize the finest Arabica and Robusta beans, each chosen for their unique characteristics that contribute to Borbone's desired taste.


Caffè Borbone

Tasting a cup of Caffè Borbone means becoming part of a way of living and thinking about the coffee break.

From Plantations To Industry

For us, the responsible management of resources and the traceability of raw materials are fundamental, starting from raw coffee.
In fact, we have started purchasing certified supply batches, through Olam Food Ingredients’ At Source program, which ensures:

  • traceability of origin
  • verification by third parties, also of the application of the Supplier Code of Olam Food Ingredients
  • initiatives and programs aimed at the economic, social and environmental development of farmers

In this way, we not only ensure access to quality raw materials, but we are able to protect and increase the eco-sustainability of the entire cultivation process.

To date, 30% of the total coffee is purchased from the “At Source verified” supply chain, with the aim of reaching 80% by 2026.

Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed quality up to packaging

Thanks to our highly computerized systems and the meticulousness of our employees, we scrupulously monitor the entire production process, up to the packaging, to keep the organoleptic qualities of our blends unaltered and preserve the fragrance of the coffee for longer. A rapid packaging process to guarantee maximum freshness: the freshly roasted ground coffee is immediately packaged in single portions, all in a protected atmosphere.

Caffe and More are the Sole approved distributors and retailers of Caffe Borbone in Kenya.

We are the leader in Kenya in bringing you the best Italian Espresso Coffee Services which include Coffee Beans, Pods and Compatible Capsules.