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rvieto wine has been celebrated since antiquity, above all in Rome, where it was plentiful in the homes of prelates and during banquets held by Vatican nobility. A long story woven with lovely anecdotes, like that of Pinturicchio, who in 1496 signed the contract to fresco the Santa Maria Maggiore chapel and demanded to be supplied with “vin d’Orvieto quantum libuerit” – “as much Orvieto wine as he could drink” – while he worked! Orvieto’s modern story, on the other hand, is closely linked to the foundation of the Casa Vinicola Luigi Bigi winery in 1880. The business acumen of the founder Luigi Bigi meant this classic wine began its journey around the globe, becoming popular and famous.

The rigorous selection of the product and the meticulousness in all phases of processing are a precious legacy of artisanal care, which makes use of modern technologically advanced methods to control the quality standard of the product.


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