Le Terre Del Normanno

Cantine Silvestro have their
roots in a passion that has now spanned three generations

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he Silvestro brothers have been continuing the adventure of grapes, tuff and passion since 1993 . Wine production continues with the old and good traditions, taking advantage of the centuries-old tufaceous caves typical of the area and with refined attention to detail and the most modern and innovative winemaking techniques.

The rigorous selection of the product and the meticulousness in all phases of processing are a precious legacy of artisanal care, which makes use of modern technologically advanced methods to control the quality standard of the product.


Le Terre Del Normanno

Union between the ancient and the modern.

In 2006 the LE TERRE DEL NORMANNO brand was launched, a combination of the ancient and the modern in a genuine product followed with care and quality and with an authentic flavour.

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