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Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Services

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Our B2B model for corporate offices revolves around enhancing workplace coffee experiences. We provide top-tier coffee machines on a complimentary lease, allowing companies to elevate their office coffee culture without an upfront investment. To complement this, we offer a budget-friendly package for coffee capsules tailored to meet the diverse tastes of employees. This unique proposition not only ensures a constant supply of premium coffee but also allows businesses the option to purchase the machines later. Elevate your office coffee experience seamlessly with our cost-effective and quality-driven office solution.

Office Coffee Services

The machine displayed is 100% made in Italy with a strong link to the Campania region .The expresso frog model is a product of Didiesse company whose espresso coffee machines are all certified and comply with European standards in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety (CE certification).
Furthermore, the process for MOCA certification has also been completed, which guarantees compliance with mandatory requirements linked to the very current topic of food hygiene. In addition, the company has already applied for UL certification for quick access to the North American market and has obtained CCC certification, a mandatory safety mark for many products sold in the Chinese market, for the Frog model.

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We are the leader in Kenya in bringing you the best Italian Espresso Coffee Services which include Coffee Beans, Pods and Compatible Capsules.