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We're revolutionizing home coffee experiences for our private consumers. Enjoy the luxury of owning our cutting-edge coffee machines through a special offer for outright purchase. Alongside this, we provide budget-friendly coffee product packages, ensuring you have a variety of high-quality coffee options at your fingertips. Elevate your daily coffee ritual with the convenience of our machines and the affordability of our carefully curated coffee selections. Transform your home into a coffee haven with our seamless. This flexible approach ensures that our private clients can elevate their beverage service while enjoying the convenience of acquiring top-notch coffee equipment.

Product Description

Experience the ultimate coffee brewing convenience with the Ramtons Espresso Maker RM/347. This Nespresso-compatible coffee maker is designed to elevate your coffee experience with its impressive features. The RM/347 operates with 1100-1300Watts, ensuring efficient brewing every time. Its generous 0.9L water tank capacity allows you to prepare multiple servings of your favorite coffee beverages. You can even top up your milk anytime to create your preferred coffee profile. For added convenience, the reservoir is removable, making refilling and cleaning a breeze. Safety is paramount with the RM/347. It features heat-resistant glass, a removable drip tray, and an on/off indicator light switch for user-friendly operation. With a powerful 20 bar pressure Italian pump, you'll enjoy rich-tasting coffee every time. This coffee maker also offers espresso capabilities and a capsule auto-drop system compatible with Nespresso capsules. Customize your cup size with the electronic coffee flow control, accommodating both small and large cups. The RM/347 is equipped with safety measures like boil dry protection, overheating, and overpressure protection, ensuring a safe and reliable coffee brewing experience.

Key Features:

  • Nespresso Maker: Enjoy the convenience of a Nespresso-compatible coffee maker.
  • Impressive Power: Operates with 1100-1300Watts for efficient brewing.
  • Generous Water Tank: Features a 0.9L water tank capacity for multiple servings.
  • Milk Top-up: Easily add more milk anytime to your drink.
  • Removable Reservoir: For effortless refilling and cleaning.
  • Heat Resistant Glass: Ensures safety and durability during operation.
  • Drip Tray: Removable for hassle-free maintenance.
  • On/Off Indicator Light Switch: User-friendly control for convenience.
  • 20 Bar Powerful Pressure: Delivers a rich taste with its Italian pump.
  • Espresso Capabilities: Brew espresso with ease.
  • Capsule Auto-Drop System: Compatible with Nespresso capsules for quick brewing.
  • Electronic Coffee Flow Control: Customize your cup size, from small to large.
  • Safety Features: Includes boil dry protection, overheating, and overpressure protection for safety and reliability.

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